Fighting the Loudness Wars

The Loudness War is the term for the trend for ultra-compressed and limited masters that has dominated most releases for almost a decade, especially in dance music but also in re-issues and remasters of older catalogues across the spectrum.

Never scared to start a new approach, IDC's second album 'The Sun is Always Shining Above The Clouds' has had a 'de-loudness' remastered re-release. It is OUT NOW in the normal version and also in a deluxe edition with a second CD of extended and 12 inch mixes.

It is also catalogue number CR100 as we celebrate 100 releases!

Out now

One word - M.O.N.O.

United Sounds of Europe, three time winner of DJ Mag's 'Moneyshot - single of the month' award, returns with his most uncompromising single yet. It's one drum, one hihat, one note and one word - M.O.N.O.

A stereo version is included on USofE's just-released debut album 'Sexit', alongside a track that is designed to be played backwards as well as forwards, a paen to the first copyright act from the 18th century and Winston Churchill on vocals!

Out now

Trash - 'Rise Up'

Trash rise up with Beatley, baggy, beautiful noise. The 'B' side remix version, made by the band themselves, will surely appeal to fans of Jagwar Ma and the early Oakenfold and Vince Clarke produced WFL Happy Monday tracks that inspired them.

Out now

The Ecstatic Cosmic Immortals

Another new year and another brand new artist makes their debut on Corsair. The Ecstatic Cosmic Immortals arrive with 'The Future Is Just A Beat Away' in three versions: a perfect-for-radio exactly three minute long 7 inch, a deeper, longer, even dancier 12" and a similarly groovey vocal-less version.

Out now

Dancephonica Volume 4

We're up to the fourth edition of our well-received odds'n'sods compilation series which brings together previously vinyl-only releases, hard to find gems and deleted should-be classics from Corsair artists.

Out now

Brand new Lo Fidelity Allstars single

A few weeks ago Lo Fidelity Allstars could be heard on USA network TV soundtracking the series finale of Dennis Leary's 'Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll'.

Now they release a brand new single 'Darkness Rolling' which sees them do what they do best - making uncompromising dance music that is trendless and timeless and yet always manages to sound like now.

Out now

National radio ariplay for 'Let's F***'!

United Sounds of Europe have made a post-referendum anthem for everyone fed up with the whole debate. Their solution is simple - 'Let's F***'!

It's ok though, everyone can hear it because it comes in Beep, Blank and radio friendly versions, the latter already having been playing nationwide on Radio X.

Out now

New Corsair compilation 'Indiephonica'

Here at Corsair we are well known for cutting edge electronic and dance releases, so it might surprise some to find out that there's a far wider mix of styles and artists on the label too.

The 12 track 'Indiephonica' set features Lo Fidelity Allstars, Justin Welch (Elastica/Lush), Davy Henderson (Fire Engines/Nectarine No9), IDC, The Shining Stars, Salford Sorcerers, Audio Astronaut and Casino, meaning there's swamp rock, northern soul, string laden pyschedelia, acoustic songs, classic 70's style rock, soul-tinged pop, glam style stomps, guitar heavy indie and much more...

Out now

Salford Sorcerers back with 'Regal Sounds'

Their debut single 'Magicman' was named 'Beat Of The Week' on 6Music and now Salford Sorcerers are back with their second release 'Regal Sounds'. It has already picked up airplay on Radio X and on 6Music from Nemone, who said: "I loved what Salford Sorcerers served up on their last release 'Magicman' and this one is a corker as well"

Out now

Recent Releases

United Sounds of Europe 'Sexit'

'Sexit' is the debut album from United Sounds of Europe, the man Mixmag said makes "KLF-esque rave madness".

"Super upfront from pillar to post""
Dj Mag
Out Now

IDC 'The Sun Is Always Shining Above the Clouds'

The second album from IDC gets a 'de-loudness war' remaster which brings out its sonic complexity
"A brilliant work full of optimism"
DJ Mag 9/10
Out Now

United Sounds of Europe 'M.O.N.O.'

One drum, one hihat, one note and one word - M.O.N.O!

Out Now

IDC 'Eins Deux Tres'

"A beautifully compelling collage"
5/5 Mixmag Tune Of The Month
Out Now

Trash 'Rise Up'

A Beatley, baggy Corsair debut with a briliant 'B' side remix from the band themselves
Out Now

The Ecstatic Cosmic Immortals 'The Future Is Just A Beat Away'

Another brand new artist makes their debut on Corsair with this groove-laden, hook-packed dancefloor earworm.
Out Now

Corsair Records 'Dancephonica Vol. 4'

The latest in the popular ongoing series includes Lo Fidelity Allstars, IDC, Salford Sorcerers, Spatial Awareness, United Sounds of Europe, Lord Warddd and Taserblast.
Out Now

Jack Soltrayne 'Midnight Trayne'

The debut single from new Corsair signing Jack Soltrayne mixes up Northern Soul, a dash of funk and early indie aesthetics to make something very special.
Out Now

Lo Fidelity Allstars 'Darkness Rolling'

The Lo Fidelity Allstars do what they do best - make timeless and trendless uncompromising dance music that sounds like right now!
Out Now

Lo Fidelity Allstars 'Come Alive (remixed by DPPLGNGRS)'

A Corsair dream team of the Lo Fidelity Allstars remixed by DPPLGNGRS makes up the latest in our series of remix releases.
Out Now

TaserBlast - 'Elektronotron'

"Something big bubbling under" - DJ Mag
Out Now

United Sounds of Europe 'Let's F***'

United Sounds of Europe have won three DJ Mag 'Moneyshot single of the month' accolades and been likened to Mr Oizo. Mixmag said they make "KLF-esque rave madness". With their latest release they managed to get a track with 'F***' in the title played on UK national radio!
Out Now

Various Artists 'Indiephonica'

This compilation set features Lo Fidelity Allstars, Justin Welch (Elastica/Lush), Davy Henderson (Fire Engines/Nectarine No9) and many Corsair regulars with a selection of swamp rock, northern soul, string laden pyschedelia, acoustic songs, classic 70's style rock, soul-tinged pop, glam style stomps, guitar heavy indie and much more...
Out Now

Salford Sorcerers 'Regal Sounds'

Trip hop beats, jazzy pianos and mesmeric bass lines together with a psychedelic backwards guitar coda... "Really like that. An intriguing mystery behind Salford Sorcerers..."
Tastemaker supreme John Kennedy on Radio X Out Now

Zonga & Boombot 'Rope Banger Deer Scarer'

"A proper big beat berserker"
Carl Loben, DJ Mag editor
Out Now

IDC 'Sugar Coated Bullet'

A brand new single for 2016 from IDC, the man called "a genius" by DJ Mag
Out Now

The Shining Stars 'Chill'

Glorious, anthemic, ambitious orchestral indie songs are few and far between these days so that makes 'Chill' all the more welcome.
Out Now

Spatial Awareness 'Caramel Sound'

Support for SA ranges from Fatboy Slim ("great stuff, simple and effective") and Tensnake ( "great!") through to BBC Radio 1 airplay from SKREAM ("absolute banger!")
Out Now

The Best Tunes From Our First 10 years

To celebrate 10 years of Corsair releases we've put together 20 of the best tracks from our first decade and have released them as a two-CD 20 track compilation album, 'Corsair Records 20 Out Of 10'. Available at a special cut-down sampler album price too!
Out Now

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